Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pharrell Williams and Synesthesia

Summary: Pharrell Williams is being interviewed by Scott Sterling when he mentions that he has a rare disease known as synesthesia. Williams tells Sterling that N.E.R.D’s tour, Glow in the Dark, is based on synesthesia. He tells about his new album coming out called “Seeing Sounds”. He tells Sterling that, “the title is based on the phenomenon called synesthesia, which is when one of your senses sends electric impulses to unintended parts of the brain. So for some people, when they hear music, it also stimulates them visually.” He also says to Sterling that he wanted people to recognize that and see the sounds of his album.
Connection: The interview between Pharrell Williams and Scott Sterling will benefit me in my paper because it will help me show that synesthesia is real and people do have this disease. He shows that he’s not really shy about having this disorder happen in his brain. Pharrell wants everyone to know what it feels like when you have this disorder by setting up his tour like what he sees when he hears music. He wants everyone to experience what its like to see through his eyes. The interview gives me something to refer to in my presentation and he sets an example for all people with synesthesia because even though you have this disorder it doesn’t mean you wont be able to do great things with your life.
Sterling, Scott. "15 minutes with Pharrell Williams." Metromix Los Angeles. 01 June 2008. Metromix. 6 Apr

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